News From that Special Hypnotic State
(just off the Cerebral Parkway)

Geez, a hypno practice/self-help movement of 5 people who just wanted to master some hypnotic techniques, get real good, make some changes in their lives, who knew in just a few months we'd have our membership ranks swelling with close to 200 Sleepwalkers joining us, every major hypnosis organization scurrying to find out what we're doing right and talk throughout the internet of our little org. Damn, we've become a movement! Man …. It's amazing what happens when a group of like-minded people take control of their lives and help others do the same.


You've taken the hypnosis courses. You've got the skills. Now … take the step that takes you from … a guy/gal who just does hypnosis to a MASTER LEVEL …. Be the person who exerts hypnotic influence over others. Register today with Dan -

This seminar is just about sold out. There will be no admission at the door without registration.

SF Chapter Forming

Hey guys, we're branching out. The Sleepwalkers fever for unlimited human potential is spreading. Our first chapter - the S.F. chapter is forming. The West Coast will NEVER be the same again. Imagine, the West Coast embraces new movements, religions, cults, etc. Imagine for the first time they will have one that will REALLY benefit their lives?

Okay, we don't stop there. Dan will be leaving us (temporarily I hope) in Septemer to start the Palo Alto chapter.

Rutgers University Chapter Forming

Mac has formed a chapter at Rutgers in New Jersey.

Form your own Sleepwalkers Chapter

Now, we have guys joining us from the UK, Florida, Texas, Canada and Washington DC who have inquired about joining us. Which one of you will be the first one to take the initiative and lead the movement to your area.

Sleepwalkers Meeting Videos

Video tapes … will soon be available ….Naor, our video techie is working on transferring our first big meeting with Jacob Bimblich and George Bien to vids for a very nominal cost … now you can experience the excitement of being in attendance at a wall-to-wall, intimate Sleepers seminar room in NYC … where you can feel the breath of the fellow attendees ….

Hypnotherapy / NLP / Alternative therapy Biz Practice - June 9th
Hey guys, you've been BEGGING us for seminar related to business. On June 9th - We have a seminar with leading Fortune 500 consultant (and hypnotherapist herself) Dena Moscola coming in. This will give you a head start to get over all the hurdles from overcoming the fear of setting up your business to implementing a business plan. If you're serious about setting up any sort of hynposis/Nlp or alternative practice business plan, this seminar is for you. A $500. seminar .. for Sleepers only - $15.

Find out more about this seminar !!!

New Paltz Extravaganza - Mini conference and Rib Roast - Date TBA

Coming up later in June - a full day of activities outside in New Paltz. Speakers, ribs, a festive atmosphere followed up with a Stage Hypnotist. A gathering of the hypno clan.

Coming in September

Ericksonian (Covert) Hypnotism - DEMYSTIFIED
Doug O'Brien, formerly a master trainer with the Tony Robbins org and now the leading
Instructor of Ericksonian Hypnosis demystifies the man, the techniques and the special skill sets. This is going to be a very special meeting.

Jonathan Altman - NLP Trainer - Voice Mastery - Coming in November

Coming on VIDEO
If you missed George Bien's and Jacob's Seminar SOLD OUT SEMINAR, our masterful ... er ... beginner videographers, are working on transferring it to tape. To be available shortly.


This is a special meeting - an invitational practice session. You invite your friends who are interested in weight loss, sports performance, smoking cessation, improving concentration as well as improving self-esteem and confidence.

They will get a chance to be hypnotized SEVERAL TIMES by several different hypnotists during this training and you will get valuable practice. This date will take place in the fall. Practice your Elman, instant and Ericksonian hypnotic patterns. This will be a blast.

Chapters … Chapters … Chapters ……

Damn … from a small little practice group to a movement! We now have a chapter forming in San Francisco, one on Rutgers University, even in Staten Island.…. This is exciting …. Who knows where the Sleepwalkers will be next ……

Contact info for our other chapters coming will be up and running shortly!
If you're interested in forming a Sleepwalkers Chapter, let us know …. And don't be surprised if we join you for a session of fun and improvement.

A Special NLP Study group is forming ... our initial project.
It will be VERY INTENSE and limited to 6-8 GUYS who
are persistant. We are taking a very well known intense home study practicioner course and going to take one night a week to practice and hone down the skills. This
group will eventually transfer these skills to the larger
group meetings.
This will not be free. We have to pay for all materials. Serious inquiries only. This will not be a casual group. You don't show, you don't work, I'm told Dr Hip will kick ya out. Contact if you're interested.


Michael Anthony will be doing a limited intensive, teaching speed hypnosis sessions for serious students only..
In this result producing seminar, Michael will teach from nuts to bolts (intake form, pretalk, induction to formulation of suggestions), demonstrate how he uses a myriad of techniques beside hypnosis to ensure success and satisfaction with his clients. Contact

Dr.Sophia Kramer - hypnotherapist - Explores how Secrets in your Family's Past Can Hold You Back on Friday - May 10th at 7PM at the Tribeca Hypnosis Center.

This is NOT the fully official NEWs. As you have noticed .. this was tossed up quickly to give you an overview. We're working SLOWLY on the website because as you may have noticed ... there's lots going on ..... and it's just for you. Get involved. You have literally tens of thousands of dollars of valuable information available here at your fingertips. You can spend the rest of your life in seminars and classes and not get what you're getting here. Participate.... it's for you!

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