The Downtown Boathouse Cold Water Workshop

Highlights, Photos, & Notes on the Cold Water Workshop presented
by the New York Kayak Co. at the Downtown Boathouse, NYC.

Nov. 13, 1999
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Signs and symptoms of Hypothermia

Mild hypothermia — core T 96— 98.60F

  1. shivering
  2. can walk and talk, but can’t do complex motor functions
3. pale cold skin — vasoconstriction to periphery

Moderate hypothermia — core T 90-950F

  1. violent shivering
  2. slurred speech
  3. loss of fine motor coordination — particularly hands irrational behavior, confusion
  4. altered consciousness — sleepy or agitated, sluggish thinking, amnesia flattened affect — "I don’t care" attitude, "I am OK, I don’t need help"


Severe hypothermia — core T < 900F — immediately life threatening

T 90-860F

1. shivering stopped
2. blue, puffy and cold skin
3. poor muscle coordination, unable to walk
4. confusion, incoherent I irrational behavior


T 82-860F — state of "metabolic icebox",

1. severe muscle rigidity
2. semiconscious, stupor, loss of psychological contact
3. slow heart beat and breathing

  1. dilated pupils


T 78-820F - victim may appear dead, but may be still alive

1. unconscious
2. erratic heart beat and breathing
3. pulse may not be palpable


T 75-780F

1. lung edema
2. heart and respiratory failure, death