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Our Story

The swift folder was born as a cross country collaboration between Peter Reich, A New York Based industrial designer and Jan VanderTuin, an ex-bike racer who believes the first choice in all transportation should be human powered.

Reich's company, Design Mobility Inc., grapples with the problem of designing equipment that is simple and fits into small spaces. the products he has created range from a folding lift and transfer device for quadriplegics, to a home version float tank that condenses for storage.

VanderTuin is a dedicated bicycle craftsman. His vision for a perfect bicycle world is evident in the workshops at his Center for Appropriate Transport, in Eugene, Oregon. Here you'll see BikeLab, where teenagers learn about fixing bikes; Eugene Rack Works, a youth-run business that builds bike-parking racks; Eugene Bicycle Works, a do-it-yourself repair shop; and Human Powered machines, which makes work bikes and trailers.

From this meeting of minds the swift folder has evolved, embracing technology for a sustainable future. Every bike is handmade, with production decentralized in community supported shops. The result is a carefully developed bike, built to exacting standards. Beautifully simple!

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